Exclusive: Doutzen Kroes on Grocery Store Beauty Buys and On-The-Go Workouts

Doutzen Kroes


She skips workouts, eats French fries, and admits she rarely gets her eight hours in. If she wasn’t so incredibly sweet and down-to-earth, Doutzen Kroes would be the kind of woman who drives us crazy. The supermodel has graced the covers of pretty much every major magazine, walked countless runways, and starred in more than a few international beauty campaigns. Most recently, she’s looking gorgeous in the Reveal Calvin Klein fragrance campaign, so we caught up with Kroes and asked her to spill all of her beauty secrets. Keep reading to hear what she has to say!

On Healthy Eating

She starts the morning with green juice, eggs, and avocado, and ends her day with fish and greens. Lunch is usually salad, or a salad and fries to “mix it up a little bit.” Kroes also packs healthy snacks when she’s on the go. “I always like to have mixed raw nuts with me for when I get hungry—especially when I was pregnant I was scared I wasn’t getting enough—or a banana.”

On Fragrance

“I’m somebody that wears fragrance all the time,” she says. “Not always with my baby, because I just had a baby and I think it’s nice she knows my own body smell. I think Reveal Calvin Klein is a fragrance that’s not far from that smell, but with that hint of salt. It complements your own body smell. It’s something you can wear all the time—I wear it in the morning, daytime, evening.” Fun fact: Kroes’ first major campaign was for Calvin Klein Eternity.

On Her Skincare Must-Haves

Kroes does her skincare shopping at Whole Foods. “Lately, I’ve been liking vitamin E oil because it’s antioxidant, works for little spots, and is also great for scars. And everyone always says it, but drinking water works.” Her other essential skin secret for when she’s on the go? Oxygen spray. “I can just spritz it on when I’m on the plane or when I don’t have time to moisturize.”

On the Grocery Store Beauty Buy She Uses for Everything

“I actually use coconut oil a lot,” she says. “I put coconut oil on my skin or in my hair. And once in awhile I leave it in for the whole day.” Kroes says it looks terrible for the day, but once you wash it out it’s worth it. “I also take makeup off with coconut oil. Sometimes I don’t have a remover that I like, and then I’m like ‘How am I going to do this?’ So coconut oil’s something that I always have with me.”

On Staying in Shape

Kroes’ workout of choice is ballet. “It is really nice because it keeps you long and lean,” she says. “And I can do ballet exercises anywhere.” Kroes says she worked out a little bit during her pregnancy, but that she’s starting to step it up now. “The Victoria’s Secret show is next month, so I have to start working out more regularly. I do my own little things now, but I have to get more serious.”

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