Double Winged Eyeliner Is the Overachieving Look Even Novices Can Get Behind

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Just when you thought you'd mastered the art of applying eyeliner, a new beauty trend is born: double winged eyeliner. But fear not—for something so impressive-looking, it's fairly simple to recreate (with the correct products, that is). In this case, we believe that two is infinitely better than one, which is why we think you'll love the gallery of double winged eyeliner looks we've curated, just as much as we do. Ahead, learn what the double winged eyeliner trend is all about, and which products create the most professional-looking results.

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Lace Liner

Double winged eyeliner comes in many forms and styles, and this one with its lace detail is as charming as it gets. You can apply your winged liner look to the lash line and then get creative with whatever details you want to add next. The lace shape above the crease is abstract and draws in all the right kinds of attention.

liquid liner
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black $22.00
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Mod Liner

For a more mod, '60s-inspired look, draw the tiniest winged eyeliner on the top lash line, and bring the liner to the crease slightly slanting down. Eyeliner with a precise tip is best when re-creating this look, as it helps draw the thinner lines and gives clean edges.

Hourglass 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eyeliner in Obsidian $18.00
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Negative Space Liner

By applying a white liner in the center, you can create a double winged eyeliner look that has some negative space and really opens up the liner. For this look, draw on your liquid liner and once it's dried, add a white liner to the center in a thin stroke to create the perception of the negative space.

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Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner in Matte White $31.00
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Detailed Design

Adding designs to your double winged eyeliner makes it all the more interesting. After you've applied your liquid liner to the lash line, you're free to experiment with whatever design you like. This particular style encourages creativity.

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Total Glam

Give yourself some glam by adding a bold liquid liner to the lash line, then bring it upwards into the crease for a double winged eyeliner look that's colorful and fun. Electric purple shadow adds just the right amount of color for this look.

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Double Wing Liner, But Make it Glitter

Adding glitter to your double winged liner look certainly doesn't hurt when it looks as good as it does here. You can opt for a liner that already has a shimmer finish to it or add glitter on after you've applied the liner—make sure you have a creamy formula that helps make it stick.

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Colorful Lines

Make a colorful statement with a double winged eyeliner by using a few different hues to create your look. Bronze, pastel pink, and lilac, along with metallic pink, help create this stunning liner look, appearing effortlessly painted onto the lids. Lime Crime's Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners ($18) come in multiple colors that can help you re-create this look on your own.

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Graphic Blue

To accentuated the eyes instantly, create a graphic liner look in cobalt blue as your double winged statement. Play around with the shapes for the graphic liner until you land on something you really love and feel great wearing. This liner in shade Azure from Lancome ($27) is a beautiful blue color. And if you're wanting to amp up the look of your eyelashes, try these short cat-eye Lucky Lashes from Glamnetic ($30).

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Thick and Thin Lines

The nice contrast in size between thin and thick lines is refreshing when wearing double winged eyeliner. You can create your thick line on the lashes, followed by a thinner line drawn in the crease, or flip it on days you want to try something different. Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner ($24) can help you create different widths as it has dual sides for eyeliner styles.

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The Perfect Accent

Add a tiny liner accent detail to your double winged eyeliner look by simply drawing a thin line above the wing as an abstract detail. You can play around with different shapes and sizes until you've found something that complements your look perfectly.

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Triple Liner

We've been talking about double winged eyeliner, but what about triple? Choose two different colors of eyeliner to layer on top of your winged liner, and the possibilities are endless. Lightly draw lines on top of each other until you've got three tones you feel comfortable with.

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Multi-Color Wing

Winged eyeliner on the top and a contrasting color on the bottom is a great way to showcase double liner with two beautiful colors. You can pick something similar to the colors shown here or use whichever hues like, as long as they contrast enough to be noticeable and make a statement.

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Cool-Girl Liner

Liner in the crease and wing liner on the lash line creates such a cool-girl feel to this double eyeliner look. You can opt to keep the liner colors in the same family or branch out by using other colors.

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Party Liner

With thick liquid lines, this double winged liner look is the perfect accessory to wear to an elegant party. We recommend practicing this one a few times before you make your debut to get the thickness of the lines just right.

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Triple Threat

Triple stack your winged liner to create a graphic presentation that is seriously fierce. Created by makeup artist Priscilla Ono, the lines and detail here are truly one of a kind.

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Sunshine Day

Add some color to your makeup look using a bright yellow color in conjunction with the black or deep brown applied on the lashline. This style looks particularly stunning with deeper skin tones. The yellow wing is slightly extended more than the black, making it both abstract and beautiful. Colourpop Creme Gel Eyeliner in Marigold ($7) can help with re-creating this look.

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All The Shapes

We love the shape and detail of this look. You can re-create it using a liquid liner to draw the outer wing portion and add definition to the lash line. Finish with your favorite pair of falsies or a few coats of mascara to add volume to the lashes.

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Delicate Details

Double up on precise liner strokes by using a thin liquid liner to enhance the eye shape, ever so slightly. Don't be intimidated by this liner, as it doesn't need to be drawn on perfectly at first. You can lightly connect the liner to create the shape you need that looks cohesive, as if you drew it on all at once.

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