15 Double French Manicures With the Best Y2K and '90s Vibes

Double French manicure with two-toned pink tips and matching ring


Looking for a little nail inspo? It's no secret that nail lovers across the globe constantly fall back on classic French manicures when they're unsure which new trend to try. It's with this in mind that we're so jazzed about the latest nail art trend swarming social media: double French manicures.

Double French manicures stick to the classy arched tips of the OG French mani, but instead of a single sliver of color, they feature two. Sometimes the arcs are the same color and width, and other times, they vary. But no matter the color palette, shape, or size of your chosen double French mani, the process to create the nail art look remains the same.

While nail pros can easily freehand double French manicures, if you're going the DIY route, you'll want to have nail tape on hand. Section off the tips of your nails with French manicure stickers—like Orly's Half Moon Guides ($5)—and paint above or below the line (or both). If you opt for a double French mani without any space between your lines of color, you may want to let the first section dry before moving on to the next so as to not accidentally smudge the polish. Once your design is in place, finish your double French mani with a high-shine topcoat—we love Olive & June's Super Glossy Top Coat ($9)—let your nails dry, and go about your day.

Ready to give this nail art trend a try? Ahead, find 15 of our favorite double French manicures.

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Barbiecore Double French Nails

Double French manicure with pink glitter tips


Ever since BTS pictures of Margot Robbie as Malibu Barbie emerged on the Internet, the color pink has been on the rise. As such, this glittery bubblegum pink double French mani is too trendy not to try.

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High Contrast Double French Mani

Double French manicure with wide lavender half and thin red tip


Not sure how you feel about two arches? Take a less traditional approach to your double French manicure by opting for one arched line and one straight. Here, you can see just how high contrast the end look will be.

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Rainbow Neon Double French Nails

Double French manicure with yellow, orange, pink, and blue neon tips


We love this vibrant neon double French mani idea. By lining each pale neon tip with a pop of brighter polish in the same color, it creates a bright, almost luminescent appeal.

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Geometric Double French Mani

Double French manicure with pink geometric tips and accent plaid


Still swooning over Barbie pink nail art ideas? This one pairs hot pink with a nude shade and a few pastel slivers for a geometric double French mani that looks chic as can be.

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Kelly Green Double French Manicure

Double French manicure with kelly green tips


Another color that's trending here in 2022? Green! These kelly green double French nails are bound to turn heads if you take the time to recreate them.

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Ultra-Thin Double French Manicure

Black and Silver Double French Manicure


Prefer a more minimalist take on the trend? Here, celebrity nail artist Betina Goldstein opted for ultra-thin arcs to take part in the trend without letting it take over her full nails.

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Black and White Double French Mani

White manicure with black double French tips


Forget about white tips or two shades of color: Here, @lolo.nailedit shows us how opting for a white base lined with black tips can create a head-turning nail look. It has an almost cartoon appeal.

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Minimalist Colorful Double Frenchies

Double French manicure with thin multicolor tips


Love the idea of a colorful double French manicure, but don't want chunky strips of color? Here's proof that even the slimmest lines can make a big impact with this nail art trend.

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Baby Blue Toile

Double French manicure in pastel blue with bright blue toile design


If you have the time (and patience), you can take your double French manicure a step further by turning it into an actual work of art. Just look at this baby blue example, inspired by classic toile fabrics.

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Neutral Double French Nails

Neutral manicure with metallic double French tip design


For a more neutral double French mani that still has a touch of pizzazz, reach for a bottle of glittery metallic nail polish to paint two arcs with space between them.

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Pastel Double French Nails

Pastel pink nails with pastel blue and purple double French tips


Love the look of this pastel double French mani? We have good news: These are the Olive & June Double French Press-Ons ($10), so you can easily snag the look for yourself.

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Emerald Double French Nails

Double French manicure with thick emerald green tip and thin gold arc


Remember: Green is very in. As we inch closer and closer to fall, this moody emerald double French manicure with gold accents is simply too stunning to pass up.

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Art Deco Double French Nails

Double French manicure with pink base and black and white art deco tips


Who says you have to stop your double French arcs at the tip of each nail? Here, you can see how unique it looks to drag the underlying arc all the way to the cuticle.

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Two-Tone Neon Double French Nails

Double French manicure with neon green and yellow tips


Summer isn't over yet. To relish in the final days of the warmest months of the year, consider this vibrant lemon-lime double French manicure idea.

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Abstract Double French Nails

Double French manicure with abstract blue and red tips


Last but not least, we love this abstract double French nail design. With a mottled tip and thin second arc, this design is nothing short of eye-catching.

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