Double Duty: 9 Concealers for Under-Eyes and Blemishes

Our makeup bags often resemble this: several eyeliners, a few different foundations depending on the season, countless lip colors, powder compacts of different varieties, and an impressive slew of concealers. While a rainbow of eyeliners, lip colors, and crushed powder compacts may go untouched, we dip into our concealers day in and day out. There's one for every need: dark circles, blemishes, you name it. But for days when we don't want to lug around a heavy makeup bag (i.e., every day), we'd love a concealer that can take care of more than one skin issue. As it turns out, they do exist.

According to Sonia Kashuk, "When covering blemishes, use a slightly drier, heavier formula; for under-eye coverage, it's best to go with a formula that’s creamy, a bit sheer, and has some luminosity." Hence, a formula with a happy medium will serve well to conceal both. Below, you'll find our top picks for double-duty concealers.

What's your go-to concealer? Tell us below!