Euphoria's Donni Davy Wants to Break Away From Outdated Beauty Norms

Euphoria makeup is "evocative of any emotion—not just the positive ones."

Euphoria Makeup


Perhaps no contemporary show or film has a style impact to match HBO’s Euphoria. “Euphoria makeup” is a thing, no doubt. Check Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, wherever. Makeup shelves populated themselves with vibrant eyeliners, glitters, and rhinestones soon after the show hit screens back in 2019. The geometry and vibrance of the Euphoria aesthetic gave mainstream rise to an entire subculture of beauty. And we have makeup artist Donni Davy to thank for that.

And now, you can create your own Euphoria-inspired look at home. Davy, Euphoria’s makeup director, collaborated with Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen on an amazing cosmetic sticker collection, available for purchase now. I spoke with Davy about the collection, straight from the set of the show's second season. Read on for her inspiration, what "Euphoria makeup" really means, and why self-expression is paramount to beauty.

Euphoria Still


The Legacy of "Euphoria Makeup"

“Conceptually, Euphoria makeup is self-celebratory and self-expressive, evocative of any emotion—not just the positive ones,” Davy told Byrdie. “It’s makeup that makes you feel like you’re wearing armor or are a superhero version of yourself. This kind of makeup has always existed, but thanks to Euphoria and its reach, I think more people are inspired to embrace that type of makeup now.”

“Visually, Euphoria makeup is colorful and typically has an accent of bling, like glitter, rhinestones, or decals,” Davy added. “The show is not lit with beauty lighting, so my team and I rely on little pops of shimmer or bling to bring the looks to life in low lighting.” 

The Collaboration

Face Lace seems to be the perfect collaboration for Davy. Having launched in 2012, they spoke to a subculture where beauty served as a performing art. Their early clients included Lady Gaga and Paloma Faith, who have worn Face Lace for their stage looks. But Euphoria brought the look to our bedroom vanities. Breaking through the pages of the contours, bakes, and cut creases our Instagram feeds know all too well, social media has made it cool to be weird again. 

Euphoria makeup look

Face Lace

The Inspiration

“TikTok and IG do wonders to democratize fun and expressive makeup. Everyone is the star of their own show and can do or wear or say whatever they want, whenever they want. This boldness is important in the movement to shift away from old beauty rules that aim to dictate what is appropriate to wear, when and on whom,” Davy said. “I think all of the makeup creativity online (both before and after Euphoria) is not just makeup creativity. Collectively, all of this creativity has the power to completely redefine new norms for beauty and makeup by showcasing such a diverse and wide range of people decorating and celebrating their own unique faces. Cool makeup isn’t just for the runway or the brave individual dancing to the beat of their own drum—it’s for everyone.”

The Bottom Line

One thing I find liberating about #EuphoriaMakeup is that it’s not about trying to “look pretty” or perform femininity in the traditional sense. It’s not about making my lashes longer or my cheeks blush pinker or my face thinner. To be honest, that side of the makeup world has come to feel exhausting to me. The theatrical nature of a Euphoria-inspired look puts a perverse and rebellious filter on makeup, especially in a society where women exist to be looked at. In a sense, it takes away the world’s right to determine whether or not a person looks pretty and puts that decision into the hands of the wearer.

The products range from $18 to $26. And, the Donni x Face Lace stickers come in glossy black and iridescent shades—it’s the perfect way to get a Donni-approved #EuphoriaMakeup look.

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