25 Dome Rings to Keep Those Fingers Sparkling

dome rings


A ring, to me, seems to signify a promise. Maybe, the promise is to honor a loved one, whether forever or just for an outfit. Or maybe it’s simply a promise to look and feel your best, even when you're just going for a stroll. When I wear a ring or other statement accessory, it's a promise to myself to be seen. Is there a better sartorial display of self-love than putting on your favorite accessories and hitting the town?

While every ring has its own magic, layering them may be the closest your hand can get to being its own party. And when you're curating the perfect set, you may find yourself playing with shape, material, and design. The great thing about dome rings is that they come in every single form, from silver to gold to glass. Depending in how fancy you're feeling, you can dress them up or down.

Ready to spice up the finishing touches on your wardrobe? Join me! Keep reading for 25 of the best dome rings that will add that extra bit of sparkle to any look.

Classic Gold

Gold jewelry is a timeless and particularly popular choice. Lucky for everyone, the price of gold is down right now, which means it's a great time to acquire all of the gold your heart desires. Wearing gold is the closest thing we get to looking like modern royalty, so whether you choose a simple design or go all out with gems or an interesting shape, a gold dome ring is sure to feel right at home in your collection.

Sleek Silver

Make new friends, but keep the old—one is silver and the other is gold. This classic saying also works to describe how fabulous you'll feel with these rings. Did you know silver has an atomic number of 47? Imagine if you built your ring collection to that size.

Vintage Finds

Wearing a vintage ring is a sure way to feel completely unique and unlike anyone around you. Another great thing about wearing a vintage piece is that it's the best way to dream about the past without thinking too hard about it. Who says that the rings you're wearing weren't once worn by a famous actress in the '20s?

Pop of Plastic

Costume jewelry is the best way to not take yourself too seriously. It shows that you're ready to party, and that you're ready to party hard—because it won't be a bummer if anything happens to your beautiful jewelry.

Dome of Glass

For the dainty princess inside of you, glass jewelry is the perfect way to show you care. If you wear a glass ring on every single finger and get a manicure, it'll be a great way to test your patience while staying fashionable and making sure your nails dry. If you're not into that idea, you still have these beautiful rings to remind you that anything is possible.

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