Dolly Parton Wants to "Bring People Joy" With Her Latest Fragrance Collection

The Front Porch collection is an homage to her childhood.

Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton is a certified beauty legend. Her signature look—towering platinum wigs, fluttering lashes, rhinestones, and of course, iconic curves—is as much a part of her legacy as her music. And while recreating her style yourself isn't exactly the easiest feat—as Dolly famously said, "It costs me a lot of money to look this cheap"—you can easily smell like Parton, thanks to her namesake fragrance line.

She released her first fragrance, Scent From Above ($45), last year, which is meant to smell like "Dolly's world," all rhinestones and butterflies. But her new Front Porch collection takes you back to her Tennessee roots. Ahead is everything you need to know about the collection.

The Inspiration

One of the most powerful things about fragrance is its connection to memory. From the smell of cookies baking from your childhood to a whiff of cologne that makes you feel your first heartbreak all over again, scent has the power to help us relive the past. Dolly's latest release, the Front Porch Collection anchored by the Smoky Mountain fragrance ($40), is an homage to her childhood and the small Tennessee town where she grew up.

“I am so happy about the embrace we’ve had with our Scent From Above fragrance launch last year,” Parton tells Byrdie. “That success has allowed me to experiment with new scents and bring different, inspiring fragrances into the world with the Front Porch Collection, which includes my Smoky Mountain fragrance. Nothing gets me more excited than to create something that brings people joy. And with this year’s new products, I drew on many of the memories from my youth to deliver a collection that I believe is really special.”

Dolly Parton Front Porch Collection

Scent Beauty

The Fragrances

As for the fragrance itself, Smoky Mountain is a woody floral meant to evoke the mountain mist. It's feminine and light yet warm and cozy. It opens with notes of tiger orchids, which gives it that floral touch, and is grounded by cashmere woods and warm tonka to keep it feeling grounded and earthy. Smokey Mountain comes in a calming purple bottle decorated with Dolly's signature butterfly cap.

Smoky Mountain is part of Parton's Front Porch collection, which includes three other fragrances as well: Early Morning Breeze, Dancing Fireflies, and Tennessee Sunset. Early Morning Breeze is a light floral with notes of jasmine sambac, orange flower, and sandalwood, and Dancing Fireflies evokes a summer night with notes of pink apple, pink peony, and pink musks. Tennessee Sunset is the sweetest out of the four, featuring honeysuckle, vanilla Orchid, and warm musks. The collection is available individually or as a set of four body mists.

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