Doja Cat's Dew Drop French Manicure Features Three Nail Trends in One

You can always count on Doja to mix it up.

Doja Cat wearing black siren eyes makeup

Getty Images

You can rely on Doja Cat to make a scene regarding her red carpet appearances, like when she arrived this past fashion week wearing 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals or when she showed up to the Met Gala dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s legendary cat, Choupette. Now, it’s hard to imagine that she has the time (or energy) to do camp every day—but she still fits alt-trends in where it counts, and her recent dewdrop nails are a perfect example.

On May 6, Doja posted a carousel featuring a dewdrop manicure. Her nail look included long square tips and a matte, milky French base. On each nail, there are “drops” that mimic the look of morning dew.

Doja’s nails are basically a hodge-podge of the latest nail trends, starting with the milky French base that gives her nails a natural appearance even at their extended length. Next is this manicure’s matte base, which, although we haven’t seen matte nail polish *everywhere* just yet, is similar to the matte licorice French manicure Jennifer Lopez wore to the Met Gala this year. Finally—and most obviously—this manicure features clear drops of polish splashed onto each nail, making it a prime example of the alt-beauty favorite dewdrop nail trend.

Don’t let the hyper-realistic condensation of Doja’s nails turn you off—this manicure is achievable at home. First, create a milky French base by applying a coat of sheer nude nail polish, and then add a French tip design.

Next, apply another coat of the same sheer nude polish to diffuse the harsh lines between the French tip and the nude base. After everything has dried, apply a matte topcoat to the nail. Finally, paint on a clear topcoat in drops of varying sizes to the nails in a haphazard design. Et, voila, you now have almost all of the leading nail trends wrapped up into one manicure that’s cool enough for the queen of camp.

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