Doja Cat Showed Up to the Met Gala as Couture Choupette

Complete with prosthetic cat makeup.

doja cat met 2023

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There's been a lot of speculation on the internet during the weeks leading up the Met Gala. And while usually that speculation is tied to what celebrities will be there and who they'll be wearing, this year, it was all about who might show up as Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic cat, Choupette. Well, the unveiling has arrived—and there is virtually no one better to deliver than fellow feline Doja Cat. She took to the steps as Choupette and nailed the look from her gem-encrusted gown down to her hyper-realistic kitty prosthetics.

On May 1, Doja arrived at the Met Gala wearing a custom Oscar de la Renta dress with a halter top, low back, and a feather train to mimic Choupette’s white long-hair coat. Her dress features a sparkling balaclava, and, of course, cat ears. She wore a headpiece with a single diamond at the center of her forehead, an arm bangle, diamond bracelets, and a cluster of diamond rings.

doja cat met gala dressed as choupette

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Although many people would have worn just the dress to emulate Choupette, this is Doja we’re talking about—the same woman who wore 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals to fashion week earlier this year. Doja went all out and wore cat makeup, which featured prosthetics to create a cat nose and mouth. Her makeup artist added in cat wings for a sultry feline look and a simple pink lipstick on her bottom lip. 

doja cat dressed as choupette at the met gala

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As for her nails (err, claws), Doja revealed that manicurist Sasha Livingston created a Choupette-inspired manicure to mimic a cat’s curled claws. The sharp almond-shaped nails feature a cream base and brown airbrushed tips to mimic Choupette's faint brown fur at the tip of her nose.

doja cat at the met gala dressed as choupette

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Doja Cat knows no bounds when it comes to camp—but her Met Gala rendition of Choupette is arguably one of her most glamorous takes yet. She nailed looking like a literal cat, yes, but her sparkly gown was still incredibly noteworthy on its own (and certainly fit for a night at the Met). This is Doja's first Met Gala, and she understood the assignment.

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