Dog Facials Are a Thing, and They're Delightful

I consider my personal self-care needs to be fairly low-maintenance—treating myself usually consists of slapping on a face mask, putting my texts on “do not disturb,” and queuing up Netflix. Caring for my dog, however, is a different story. Maybe it’s because I’m destined to be a helicopter parent, or maybe it’s that she was rescued from a rough past, but I’m unequivocally committed to letting my shepherd mix, Wifi, live her best life.

She’s showered with treats, hot new fitness classes—nosework wasn’t for her, but she’s killing it at agility—and high-end grooming products. (Hot tip: If you have allergies, you need a Furminator brush in your life.) As a beauty obsessee as well as a pet owner, I was understandably excited when I recently discovered a whole world of pooch pampering that I’d previously never even considered: spa treatments for dogs.

A quick survey of Los Angeles pet salons reveals a slew of treatments every bit as luxe as their for-people counterparts. Your pup can relax with a “pawdicure,” detoxify with mud masks, and even get an energy tune-up via Reiki. And it’s not just L.A. A cursory online search uncovered similarly lavish treatments available to four-legged friends in New York, San Francisco, Vegas, and beyond.

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