Does Working Out at Night Cause Insomnia?

Time is something that we all wish we had more of. With it, we could be so much more productive: we would organize our apartments, get our finances in order (isn’t that something that people do?), and—in an ideal world—start every day with a sweat-inducing, blood-pumping workout. Instead, the reality is that that we never seem to have enough time, and usually only manage to squeeze these tasks in the only slot available in our chaotic schedules: right before bed (if that at all). With over 30% of Americans suffering from some type of insomnia, we can’t help but wonder if our pre-bed flurry of activity is to blame—and more specifically, our late night gym sessions. An adrenaline rush doesn’t exactly sound like the precursor to a peaceful snooze, after all.

Surprisingly, when we asked around the Byrdie offices, opinions were divided—some editors swore by a good nighttime workout to get a peaceful nights’ rest, while others said they avoided it at all costs .We did whatever we do in situations like this: turn to science, of course. Ahead, you’ll find out the truth about working out before bed, and see for yourself if you should restrict your Spin sessions to the a.m. Keep scrolling to find out the facts!