Serious Question: Does Turkey Actually Make You Sleepy?

It's Thanksgiving canon at this point: eat turkey, get tired. One of the greatest pieces of Thanksgiving lore is the presumption that eating turkey makes you super sleepy. That's thanks to a component called tryptophan, the ingredient in turkey with supposedly snooze-inducing powers. But if tryptophan can really help you sleep, why don't we spend the rest of the year having a late-night snack of dark meat instead of painstakingly trying dozens of supplements to help us get some shut-eye? (Side note: White meat isn't nearly as tasty—just sayin'.)

Turns out, everything we thought we knew about turkey making us sleepy is probably a lie. We went to Lindsey Bristol, Swanson’s in-house dietitian, to find out once and for all: Does turkey make you sleepy?

Now that we've demystified tryptophan, here's the lazy girl's guide to a post–Turkey Day detox