You'd Never Guess This Blogger Weighs the Same in Both of These Photos


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Rationally, we know that there are all kinds of factors that affect our weight on a daily basis, especially as women—anything from water retention to hormones to a dense meal can cause us to fluctuate. On the other hand, when we step on the scale and see an unflinching number, it's hard not to internalize that as fact. This becomes even more complicated (and disheartening) when we're amping up our workouts, setting certain fitness goals, and eating cleaner than ever—and still that number doesn't change. 

But one blogger just set out to prove how useless the scale actually is. Kelsey Wells, who writes at My Sweat Life and has documented her fitness journey on Instagram, posted three side-by-side photos earlier this week:

As you can see, Wells's original and current weights are a mere five pounds apart—and yet, her muscle tone and fitness level strikes a stark difference between the two photos. But, perhaps even more telling is the fact that the right two images look quite similar, apart from muscle tone—yet there's a difference of 18 pounds. That's huge! And it's proof that the actual number on the scale has little to do with fitness and size. (It's for this reason that many experts have set out to debunk BMI numbers as well.)

Our tip: Either toss out the scale or put it in storage, and focus on how your clothes fit instead as a marker of your progress. And as always, do whatever makes you feel healthy and great—and leave numbers out of the equation.

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