Can Makeup Actually Cause Acne? We Get to the Bottom of It

The link between acne and makeup is a mysterious one. Beauty experts and influencers say things like, "don't wear makeup too often or your skin won't be able to breathe." As such, I've often wondered if there's any truth to that old adage. Would blending my go-to foundation across my T-zone cause my skin to look dull and clogged after I take it off? Would applying concealer over the top of a blemish impede its healing process? On one hand, I want to cover the blemish so it's less apparent. On the other hand, I want it to heal as quickly as possible, and I definitely don't want any new ones to crop up. So what gives?

According to skin experts, the answer to the "does makeup cause acne?" question isn't as straightforward as a simple yes or no. There are a couple of different factors you must first take into account—like the type of makeup you're using and how you go about cleansing your face. Keep scrolling to read everything that they had to say about makeup and acne.