9 Doc Martens Outfits That Take Winter Style to the Next Level

Doc Martens shearling-lined chelsea boots with purple knit socks and an orange plaid skirt


Let’s face it: The period between January and March is a drag. When the holiday magic and New Year excitement subside, we have to survive cold, gray months filled with snow and slush. This can also take a toll on our wardrobe, as it's easy to get in the pattern of wearing the same old things daily. If you're feeling stuck, the good news is winter can also be an opportunity to to expand your fashion horizons. This is a great moment for experimenting with different styles and layers, starting with our favorite boots: Dr. Martens.

Starting out as as a punk favorite from the '70s through the '90s, Dr. Martens is now experiencing a revival, with the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Halsey rocking boots from the 100% vegan brand.

Dr. Martens are great for winter as they hold up in any weather, whether you’re walking to get coffee the day after a snowstorm or going to a concert in the freezing cold. And they may be just what you need to revamp your seasonal look. Ahead, see nine different Dr. Martens outfits to wear this winter.

Classic Grunge

A classic way to wear Dr, Martens in the winter is to pair some faux fur-lined combat boots with an oversized T-shirt dress and some tights to keep you warm. Throw on a plaid overcoat, and you’re ready to take on the world—and the cold.

Winter Basics 

While not every outfit is going to be “the main character,” you can still be consistently put together this winter, even if you’re quickly running out for coffee and groceries. Pair your favorite relaxed jeans with winter-ready boots to help you brave the elements, top it off with a wool coat, and you’re ready to go.

Tailor Made

Think you can’t wear your Docs to the office? Think again. You can easily elevate the punk staple for the office world by pairing a metallic platform shoe with a fun, funky suit for a tailored look with a bit of edge to it. It's the ultimate power move.

Minimalist Grunge 

Punk and minimalism may not be the first sartorial match you think of, but it can be a great way to add a little edge to a clean-cut look. Pair some brown Dr, Martens with a simple black turtleneck and wide-leg trousers, add on a khaki trench coat, and you have a timeless look that's simple but stylish. 

Glamour and Grunge 

If you grew up absolutely obsessed with the Converse and cocktail dress trend, here's a modern version of the iconic style that's perfect for winter. Add some bright, colorful Docs to a black velvet dress, add on a faux fur jacket, and you’re ready to hit the town—perfect for a fancy night out when you prefer to keep the heels at home.

Flower Power 

Though the weather outside is frightful, you can still keep your spirits up by dressing in spring colors. While most don’t automatically associate Dr. Martens with flowers and pastels, the brand does have a variety of bright colors and even floral patterns. To keep you warm but still feeling good vibes this winter, pair some floral boots with a pastel long-sleeve jumpsuit. Add a fun belt bag, and you’re ready to get moving.

Mad About Plaid 

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns this winter. While you may have to cover the top part of your outfit, you can still make the rest of it stand out. Pair white combat boots with some plaid, straight-leg pants, then add a bomber jacket as something fun to pull it all together.

Set It Up 

Got a winter date fresh after a snowstorm and don't want to wear your heels in the ice and slush? Pair a leather set with some colored boots and thick tights to keep you protected from the cold, but still feeling hot enough for romance.

Canadian Tuxedo 

Last, but certainly not least, we have the classic Canadian tuxedo. Because if one old staple is coming back, why not another trend? Pair some Doc Martens with some jeans and a denim jacket and you've got an ensemble that will get you plenty of looks this winter (in a good way).

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