Wait, Is "Brow Shampoo" Necessary? We Asked Experts

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My eyebrows are my most prominent facial feature. However, as I get older, I’m losing more hair on my brows. In an attempt to find out how to address this hair loss, I naturally turned to Google and somehow went down a brow shampoo rabbit hole. 

But is brow shampooing a step we really need to add to our beauty routine? We spoke to leading dermatologists and brow experts to learn more about the benefits of washing our brows.

Meet the Expert

Is It Necessary to Wash Your Brows?

A dedicated eyebrow-washing routine may not be necessary, but it's worth adding to your daily skincare routine to ensure they stay clean and healthy. According to dermatologist Shereene Idriss, M.D., "Your brows are part of your face and therefore are treated as such when it comes to cleansing."

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Brows?

Forgetting to clean your brows can lead to a "buildup of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells in the area, which can cause breakouts, itchiness, and irritation," explains Idriss. Over time, this buildup can lead to flakiness and dandruff on the eyebrows. According to Kahen, "During dry months, those with dry skin may experience eyebrow flaking because the skin underneath their eyebrow becomes dry and doesn't get exfoliated properly like the rest of our skin that is unobstructed." Ignoring your brows can also result in hair loss or damage to the existing eyebrow hairs.

How to Wash Your Brows 

Idriss recommends double cleansing your brows to remove any buildup or residue and thoroughly clean your skin. To do this, use a cotton pad and micellar water to gently wipe your brows, followed by your preferred cleanser. 

If you're struggling with flaking, John Kahen, chief hair surgeon and founder of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, suggests using over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos or mild baby shampoo to "gently stimulate the area and leave the eyebrow area cleaner." In addition, it's important to avoid products with strong fragrances or ingredients that could further dry out the skin.

For those seeking fuller, more defined Cara Delevingne-esque brows, adding a brow shampoo (like Sania's Brow Bar's The Brow Shampoo) with hair growth-promoting ingredients like biotin, keratin, or panthenol to your daily routine can be beneficial. According to celebrity brow expert Sania Vucetaj, "By keeping the skin and hair around the eyebrows clean and well-nourished, brow shampoo can help prevent hair loss, promote new hair growth, and give you fuller, more defined brows over time." 

The Final Takeaway

If you're experiencing brow issues such as hair loss, slow growth, or flakiness, shampooing your brows can help. All you need to do is double-cleanse using your favorite cleansers or dedicated brow shampoos. However, it's important not to get too fixated on brow care and neglect your overall skincare routine. Prioritizing consistent skincare habits like washing your face every night and avoiding sleeping with makeup on can help ensure healthy, glowing skin and brows in the long run.

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