Do Squats Really Help Your Butt? We Asked a Trainer


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Basic isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it comes to working out. In fact, Melissa Eckman, founder of MelisFit, shares that basic bodyweight exercises are a great way to tone—and what could be more basic than squats? Plus, since they don’t require any equipment (unless you’re looking to up the ante), you can do them pretty much anywhere, like in a tiny NYC apartment while watching TV. “Anything that activates your glutes is going to help you build muscle and tone your butt,” she tells Byrdie.

To find out just how well squats really work, we also reached out to modelFit trainer Sarah Rector and DB Method founder Erika Rayman. Keep scrolling for their suggestions on how often to do the exercise, which common mistakes to avoid, and exactly which muscles are working when it’s done correctly.