An Esthetician Says This Popular "Lifting" Tool Is Actually a Gimmick

I'll admit, when jade rollers resurfaced into the cultural beauty zeitgeist a few years back (they're actually a centuries-old practice used in Chinese medicine), I was skeptical, my boyfriend even more so. I'd placed one in the freezer as I'd been instructed to do by several beauty brands so that the coolness would help tighten my skin, and after finding it one day, he asked me what in the world a "mini pizza cutter" was doing next to the frozen vegetables. While certainly a unique piece for your vanity (or, in my case, an icebox), jade rollers claim to promote lymphatic drainage in the face by placing pressure on the lymphatic system so that excess fluid flows outward. Sure, this made sense to me. But the green tool is also marketed as a way to contour the face, a claim I always felt held a bit too much weight, and one I'd never seen play out on my own face. And yet, posts on social media claim jade rollers help achieve noticeable lifting and toning, which, for less than $10, sounds like a serious bargain, though is perhaps too good to be true.

"Tools and lasers will try their best, but at some point, they just can’t work [for lifting the face]," says celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau. "The muscles in the face will drop with age. It's just a reality. Jade rollers, due to their 'rolling pin' shape, can't target the muscles enough to be able to stimulate muscle tone."

While not a fan of its contouring prowess, Rouleau is also not as convinced by the jade roller's ability to de-puff. 

"The gemstone is said to draw out negative energy and balance your 'chi.' Aside from that, the main function is that it's a massaging gadget. (There are also rollers made of rose quartz.) Facial massage will help increase circulation to help bring fresh blood and new nutrients to the skin cells. I'm a big believer in boosting blood flow to the face, especially as you get older. It's why I do this three-minute trick every night and recommend my clients to do the same.

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