Beauty Secrets from the Coolest Female DJs

In case you missed the memo, electronic music is totally hot right now (kidding, no one’s missed the memo). Perhaps the most admirable thing about DJs—other than their ability to make us like Justin Bieber again—is their stamina. If you’ve ever been to an EDM show, you’ll know that most headliners grace the stage for at least two hours, and usually more if it’s 2 a.m. on a Friday in Europe. In other words: Who better to ask about melt-proof makeup tips? (Yeah, we’re beauty-obsessed…#notsorry).

Ever the inquisitive beauty hounds, we tracked down four of our favorite female DJs and picked their brain on everything from their favorite makeup-setting products to the lipsticks they swear by. All of these girls spin sick beats, and manage to look flawless doing it (just look at their photos for proof), so we’ll be taking their word as gospel. Keep scrolling to find out beauty secrets from Harley Viera-Newton, Hannah Bronfman, and more!