Here's a Genius Way to Make Reusable Sheet Masks


TonyMoly/Mrs. Red's

Given that sheet masks have inspired an entire category of selfies, it's safe to say that we've reached peak trend. But then again, what's not to love? They're like an indulgent spa treatment in the comfort of your own home—plus they're quick, they're convenient, and they make for great Snapchat fodder to boot.

But as addicting as they are, the disposability of sheet masks can't be that great for the environment, especially if it's a nearly daily staple in your skincare regimen. Well, leave it to the beauty savvy community on Reddit's /r/AsianBeauty forum to put forth a genius idea that considers the planet (and your wallet) at no cost to your complexion.

After one user asked if, for sustainability's sake, she could find a jarred version of sheet mask liquid, another presented a proposal of her own: Why not make your own reusable sheet mask with a cloth? "My idea is to cut eye, mouth, and nose holes into plain, un-dyed cotton handkerchiefs, soak them in essence, then use like a sheet mask. Rinse, wash, repeat; negligible waste," she suggested.

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