It Turns Out You Can Tint Your Hair With Coffee, and Pinterest Is Going Nuts

We've all been there—you sit under the heat for three-plus hours at the salon perfecting your color, only to shell out the majority of your paycheck at the register. Hair upkeep is time-consuming and expensive. If only there was a way to color your hair with ingredients you already own and watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix while you do it. Oh wait, there is. 

It turns out you can use coffee to tint your hair. This all-natural color alternative not only works, it's also actually healthier for your hair because it lacks the harsh dyes that traditional hair color relies on. And, dear readers, it stimulates hair growth to boot.

Spoon University breaks down the process below:

Step 1

"Make two cups of Dunkin' Donuts' Dark Roast Ground Coffee ($12) and let it cool down. Mix two cups of conditioner with four tablespoons of ground coffee. Keep mixing until the grounds dissolve and the mixture looks smooth."

Step 2

"Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and make sure it's thoroughly washed. Squeeze out all the excess water with your hands. Then take a towel and put it around your shoulders."

Step 3

"With the two cups that you made, soak your hair. You can simply pour them, but make sure your hair gets sufficiently wet. With your fingers, thoroughly add in the mixture to your hair. Make sure to get all the roots by massaging the scalp. Continue on until your entire head is completely covered."

Step 4

"After an hour has gone by, rinse your hair until all the dark color is out. Then, wash your hair as you normally would, to make sure all the coffee residue is out… and there you go! Your hair should be shiny with a beautiful, chocolate tone."