7 Pantry Staples That Will Give You Better Skin (for Real)


Courtesy of Adina Grigore

Most people might consider their bedroom as the room of refuge in their home, but allow us to make a strong case for our friend, the kitchen. It's probably the first place you go when you arrive home, woozy from a wine-fueled night with girlfriends. Yes, it sometimes disappoints you when it's running on empty, but a well-stocked kitchen brings insurmountable joy no other room can compete with. Take a look inside someone's kitchen, or fridge, and it's like you're seeing their soul. Or at least, what their soul craves (for most people, it's Sriracha). 

On the beautifying front, your kitchen also has the potential to kick your bathroom out of the number one spot. Turns out, many of your pantry staples also act as anti-agers when you apply them topically—all it takes is a little patience (and maybe a fruit masher). We got the scoop from S.W. Basics founder and Skin Cleanse author Adina Grigore, and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Keep scrolling to find out their secrets!