Dita Von Teese Says This Lipstick "Will Last Through Anything"


Courtesy of Semaine

Dita Von Teese, femme fatale and red lip queen, just gave a revealing interview to our new favorite website, Semaine. Lest you be left out of the know, Semaine is a U.K.-based online magazine–meets-concept store that features 52 tastemakers a year in immersive, shoppable profiles. The website—the brainchild of a former creative director and marketing strategist for Mario Testino—is a visual feast for your eyes. You can’t help but just… keep… scrolling.

For Von Teese’s feature, Semaine unearthed all the things we’ve wanted to know about the alluring ingénue—from her beauty secrets to her Paris travel guide (and even her playlist—a sexy playlist, not a workout playlist, because anyone who knows Von Teese knows she doesn’t enjoy exercising). We couldn’t help but zero in on a key tidbit among her top three beauty tips: a mysterious product called Lip-Ink. “It’s a truly indelible color,” she tells Semaine. “It should stay on through anything.” According to the beauty icon, this includes a heavy make-out session as well as a “full-blown night of passion.” Obviously, our click-prone fingers Googled this immediately, and we were delighted at the color selection—and then a bit disappointed at the price tag. The three-product kit rings in at $67.44. Not exactly wallet-friendly, but Von Teese’s word is as good as gold—it’s like if Beyoncé suddenly told us a pill could give just an ounce of her run-the-world fierceness. Obviously we would swallow it whole, and without question.

Head over to Semaine to see the entire profile, and you can also check out the cheeky video featuring a morning with Von Teese below—or, rather, what we all imagine what a morning with Von Teese would actually be like (rolling out of bed, makeup intact). Plus, you can shop all the products in the film directly—just click them to add to your cart.

If Lip-Ink isn’t in your price range, we suggest MAC’s Lipstick ($18) in Dita Von Teese—the vivid tomato-red shade she made her signature.

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