25 Disney-Inspired Nail Looks That Are Perfect For Hitting the Parks

Disney nails


Disney movies are one of those things that span the ages, making children and adults alike stare on in delight. And, let's be honest, we're speaking from experience. While we're all about sipping coffee from Ariel mugs and sporting dalmatian-print leggings to Lagree, every once in a while we crave something that lasts more than a couple hours.

Enter: Disney nail art. While it's not nearly as minimalist as most of the nail ideas we curate and crave, when it comes to giving into childhood nostalgia, it simply can't be beat. (It's worth noting, however, that more often than not, you'll need to head to a salon to get designs like these.)

While we can't take you on a magic carpet ride, we most certainly can show you the world of Disney nail art. Keep scrolling for 25 Disney manicures found on Instagram.

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Peekaboo Mickeys

Black and white sparkle manicure with Mickey Mouse ear accent nails


Try out some Mickey Mouse ears that "peek" out of the corner of your nails as an accent, rather than having them take center stage.

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Fantasia Nails

Blue nails with moon and star details


These subtle Disney nails look exactly like the star-printed hat that Mickey wears in Fantasia.

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Red and Black Mickeys

Mickey Mouse, but make it fashion.

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Baby Yoda Nails

White nails with black sparkles and baby Yoda design


Baby Yoda nails are a cute way to pay homage to your favorite Jedi.

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Bambi Nails

Long brown manicure with Bambi accent nail


These long Bambi nails are a particular fave thanks to their textured accents.

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Minimalist Mickey Nails

Blue almond manicure with mini Mickey Mouse ear accent nails


We love a minimalist nail look and this is about as minimalist as it gets when it comes to Disney nails. This is also one of the most DIY-friendly looks on our list, though it will still require patience and striping brushes to create.

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Genie Nails

If you're a major Genie (or Robin Williams) fan, you'll love this blue jelly mani that has loads of personality.

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Glass Slipper Nails

This shade reminds us of Cinderella's glass slipper; definitely pair with a tiara if you feel like going all out.

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Shiny Balloon Nails

This nail art uses a high-shine lacquer to make the details (like balloons and animated characters) pop. You can easily customize a design like this to fit your personal favorites.

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Cruella de Vil Nails

Long acrylic nails with Cruella de Vil design and dalmatian pattern


Modern French manicures are super popular right now, making this spotted Cruella de Vil-inspired version a swoon-worthy addition to our list of favorite Disney nails. Best of all, given cow print nails are major right now, many manicurists will be able to easily bring this nail look to life.

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Minnie Mouse Accent Nails

Liven things up with a peekaboo Minnie Mouse on your ring finger.

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Old School Mickey and Minnie

Pink and purple nails with old school Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs


We love to see one of the earlier versions of Mickey and Minnie on this pastel manicure.

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Ariel Accents

These minimalist multi-colored nails make a major nod to The Little Mermaid in a mostly conceptual design. We don't know about you, but we're here for it—especially since with the exception of Flounder, it's so easy to DIY. To create the scale statement nails, try using a stamping plate or stencil, like the What's Up Nails Mermaid Vinyl Stickers ($4).

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Mulan Moment

Light blue nails with cherry blossom details and Mulan designs


We can't get over these pastel Mulan nails. Look how cute Cri-kee looks peeking out from the middle finger.

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Mickey Pumpkin Nails

Negative space manicure with Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkin tips


If you're headed to Disney for Halloween, be sure to consider this pumpkin-inspired Mickey manicure for your trip.

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Dot Tool Mickeys

You can easily recreate these tiny Mickeys with a nail dotting tool (or the end of a bobby pin in a pinch).

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Pink Mickeys

Pink nail design with glitter accent and Mickey Mouse detail


These pink-themed Mickey nails are too cute. The Disney detail is so subtle, these also work for those looking for a "Hidden Mickey" vibe.

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Ursula Nails

Lilac nails with Ursula tentacles, face, and body designs


If you relate to Disney villains, you'll dig this Ursula-inspired nail look. And, with the help of a toothpick and ultra-thin nail brush, you might even be able to recreate it yourself.

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Glitzy Mickey Nails

Clear nails with Mickey Mouse ear designs and bedazzling


Whether it's for a black tie event, Disney-themed wedding, or New Year's Eve, these glitzy Mickey nails are a win in our book.

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Pocahontas Palette

Pocahontas-inspired blue, pink, orange, and gold manicure


Flit lovers will go heart-eyed over this hummingbird-inspired mani that embraces all the colors of the wind. We love how it uses Flit's coloring to encompass Pocahontas' spirit without getting super detailed with a character silhouette.

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Dalmatian Nails

Pink manicure with dalmatian patterned accent nails


Every once in a while you'll be lucky enough to find a set of Disney nails that embrace the nostalgia without looking super childish. Case in point: These minimalist 101 Dalmatians nails.

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Princess Aurora Nails

Light blue manicure with glitter stripes and snowflakes


Speaking of Princess Aurora, if you want to dedicate all of your nails to her character, consider this mani mural.

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Minimalist Aladdin Nails

Manicure with minimalist Aladdin figure designs


This minimalist Aladdin mani is a must for anyone looking to embrace all things Jasmine, Genie, Abu, and the Magic Carpet — all without fully painting any of them.

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Disney Balloon Nails

Red, black, and white manicure with Mickey Mouse balloon details


One of the most iconic symbols of Disney World is a translucent, Mickey-shaped balloon.

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Winnie the Pooh Nails

Blue and pink nails with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet designs


You and your BFF can each have your favorite character on your thumb as an accent nail.

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