True Life: My Holy Grail Lipstick Was Discontinued

I never knew how truly dependent a person could be on the perfect product until Estee Lauder abruptly discontinued a lipstick I’d been wearing every day for three years.

The color in question was Lustrous Pink. One day I stopped by a counter to restock, like I had every month prior for three consecutive years (I went through a tube a month—that’s how much I loved and wore this shade), and was informed it had been pulled from every counter in America. That seemed a little dramatic, but apparently it’s what happens when an item is discontinued: the counters are informed of the discontinuation and instructed to send back every sample and product they have on hand to corporate headquarters for archiving.

What I went through over the ensuing months (and then years) to attempt to track down and eventually replace the discontinued lipstick is slightly insane, but a testament to the enduring effect that an amazing beauty product can have in our lives.

Ahead, my real-life experience with what it’s like when your holy grail beauty product suddenly gets discontinued. May this never, ever happen to you my friends.