Disco Makeup 101: 20 Modern Ways to Wear the Timeless Trend

woman wearing bedazzled eye makeup

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If disco-themed makeup is what you're after, you've come to the right place. Bedazzled lids and Twiggy-inspired lashes give us all the disco feels we could ask for, and when paired together make a dynamic duo (even if you're staying in). Ahead, we've rounded up some of the most dazzling disco makeup looks that you'll want to recreate on any given day—from sparkles to shimmer and everything in between.

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Moonlight Disco

Silver glitter winged eye makeup


Tiny moons and stars in a sea of chunky glitter makeup create this bedazzling disco eye. Apply the glitter in an upward motion from the lash line toward the brow tail to mimic a lifted look. These details couldn't be more fitting for a night out at the disco.

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Total Twiggy

Multi graphic line eye makeup with silver glitter and bedazzling


We're picking up all the Twiggy vibes on this one, and we're totally here for it. Mini rhinestones and crystals line the inner rim and upper inward crease, while liquid liner and false eyelashes set the whole look ablaze. Eyeko's Eye Do Easy Stroke Eyeliner ($7) can help you achieve those clean and pristine lines.

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Green and blue smoky eye makeup with glitter


Olive green and teal make a stunning color contrast for this jewel-toned disco makeup look. The generous shimmer at the center of the lids creates a head-turning finishing touch. Once the rest of your eye makeup is complete, press a gel glitter in the center of the lids for all the sparkle you desire. For eyeliner, try the Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil ($8) in Peacock for the ideal teal hue.

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Diamonds at the Disco

Woman with smoky blue winged eyeliner and blue and white gemstones


If a euphoric night on the dance floor is what you're after, this disco makeup look will certainly follow suit. Royal blue liner frames the eyes in a generous wing shape while tiny, delicate crystals under the brow create an understated look that's sure to draw plenty of attention.

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24/7 Disco Party

Model with green-to-purple eyeliner covered in multicolored gemstones


A blend of violet, green, and blue liners and shadows graces the lids so effortlessly while matching gemstones amplify the spectrum of color. Big, voluminous purple falsies are applied last to take this disco beauty look to the next level.

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Gilded Lashes

Model with gold false lashes and nude lip


Everything you touch turns to gold, at least for this stunning disco makeup look. Gold eyeliner and glitter lashes bring together this showstopping composition that we didn't know we so desperately needed. Soft peach lips and contoured cheeks give way to the edgy yet angelic look for a well-balanced approach.

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Dazzling Disco

Model with holographic sticker eyeliner and finger wave hair


These perfectly placed holographic decals frame the eyes in such a way that any passerby is sure to fall under your spell. Lots of mascara and shimmering highlight are fitting accompaniments. Did we mention we're truly obsessed?

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Mermaid Disco

Model wears teal eye makeup with rhinestones


These deep-sea blues and greens are giving us total mermaid vibes, and nothing else compares. Gemstones in matching colors punctuate the inner and outer corners to create a beautiful contrast. And how good are those brushed-up brows? Flower Beauty's Fiber Fix Brow Gel ($9) can instantly help brows appear thicker and keep them in place.

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Rainbow Disco

Model wears rainbow gradient eye makeup with glitter


All the colors of the rainbow and then some, this disco eyeshadow look is absolutely magical. Colored glitter in saturated shades is strategically placed on the lids to create a contrast that gives each hue its moment in the spotlight.

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Glitter Tears

Lucy Boynton wears mascara and dramatic glitter under-eyes


This glittery goodness applied in a triangle shape gives us some real cosmic inspiration, not to mention it's perfect for anyone craving a whole lot of sparkle. Recreate this look by applying Lemonhead's White Rabbit Spacejam Glitter Balm ($26) under the eyes.

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A bevy of star decals expands outwards from the eyes for an easy disco makeup look that could take on any supernova. Apply stick-on stars wherever you'd like and voilà, you're ready for the disco.

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Swath of Glitter

Fine glitter particles in every shade build up to this unforgettable disco makeup look. The best part? Pick any colors you want and apply them liberally—no rules here.

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Diamond Appliques

Model with curly disco-inspired hair and silver diamond eyeshadow


Diamond-encrusted eyelids? Yes, please! This bejeweled disco makeup proves there is no such thing as too much bling. To really make lashes stand out, apply a few coats of L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara ($12) for extra drama.

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Iridescent Disco

Model with iridescent glitter eyeshadow and red-orange lipstick


Icy, mint-toned shimmer shadow floods the lids and pairs with a bold red-orange lip to really turn heads. Brush up the eyebrows and keep the lashes soft to focus all the attention on this glittery look.

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Out of This World

Model with full face of pink, orange, and yellow glitter with red glitter lip


Why limit glitter to the eyes when you can wear it all over your face? This cosmic disco makeup look takes us to another orbit with pink and gold blended all over the face and topped with iridescent purple, gold, and silver glitter. This is anything but subtle but everything we've been searching for.

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Light Up the Lashes

Model with silver eye makeup, black graphic eyeliner, and dramatic lashes


Big, bold lashes with a contrasting cut crease create a disco makeup look suitable for anyone wanting to really make a statement. False lashes are applied to the top and bottom of the eyes in order to seriously stand out—it's most certainly working.

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Colorful Disco

smoky pink eye shadow with rhinestones


Bright pink shadow and an array of sparkly gems create a disco-worthy makeup look. The bookend sparkle on the inner eyes and beneath the lash line adds just the right amount of contrast with the verve of fuchsia underneath.

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Electric Disco

Woman with cobalt blue graphic eyeliner filled with bronze glitter


It's time to get electric (eyeliner, that is). This neon blue eyeliner in a graphic winged shape and gilded glitter in the center sparkles in all the right ways. It's bound to keep you buzzing all evening long.

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Baby Blue Disco

Model wears blue eyeshadow with gem stones and pink feather earrings


Pastel baby blue eyeshadow, tons of rhinestones, and spidery lashes create a maximalist (as if there was any other kind!) disco look. In order to make lashes look extra separated, apply mascara and pinch them together with your fingers or tweezers to help them stick together.

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Disco Chic

Woman with black smoky graphic cat eye and white gemstones


Dramatic winged-out eyes with chunky crystals lining the inner corners give a chic, sophisticated feel to disco makeup. Use small or medium-sized gems to create your custom element of sparkle and stun any bystander.

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