Our 25 Favorite Dip Powder Nail Color Ideas

There's something particularly frustrating about discovering a chipped nail after recently having had a manicure. (Once it happens, you know it's only downhill from there.) And as much as we love gel manicures, the term "no-chip" is occasionally a misnomer.

That's why dip powder manicures—also known as SNS manicures—have changed the game. While SNS manicures were technically "invented" in 1990, the technique didn't enter the public lexicon until years later. (And you yourself may not have found out about them until recently.)

Dip powder manicures are known for their durability and resistance to chipping. The technique involves literally dipping the nails into colored powder, while brushing on layers of bonder as an adhesive for the powder, before using a clear sealant on top. They work for both natural nails and extended ones.

And while you might think the nail polish colors lined up in the nail salon are tempting, the options you'll find for dip powder span the color spectrum, too—and more importantly, they'll likely last twice as long on your nails. Below, find 20 dip powder nail color ideas that'll inspire you to dive into dip.

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Blank Slate

There's nothing fresher than soft white nails, year-round. Plus, with dip manicures, lighter hues tend to look more saturated—aka, you won't have to worry about your nail color peeking through a sheer, light shade like white.

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Put it in Neutral

The perfect swath of neutrals.

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Minty Green

Pick a bold hue like this minty green that'll shine through perfectly with dip powder, which usually lends itself to more saturated, pigmented hues.

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Lavender Dip

This mani makes us think of a lavender cream latte.

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Cobalt Blue Dip

Fewer shades are more striking than cobalt.

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French Ombré

Two different shades create a cool, flawless ombré. It's like a modern update on a French manicure, if you will.

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Ocean Vibes

Don't be afraid to mix and match colors: You can achieve these nautical-feeling nails with different shades of blue, teal, and green.

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Pink Gradient

This pinky nude gradient is perfect all year 'round.

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Glitter Dip

Most dip salons carry a number of glitter hues, so the exact color choice is yours.

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Extra Sparkly

Feeling sparkly? Say "yes" to bold, allover sparkle—the process is the same, just with a sparkle-infused dip powder formula rather than a solid hue or subtly glitter one. Count us in.

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Deep Coral Dip

This coral shade flatters every skin tone.

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Light Pink With Glitter Accent

Dip powder permits creative nail ideas, too, so you definitely won't miss polish or gel—and we love this subtle light pink manicure with a slightly sparkly accent nail.

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Classic Black

Of course, there's nothing quite like a classic black shade—especially when it looks this shiny and lustrous, thanks to the glossy sealant on top.

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Hot Tamale

Yes, this color is literally called "Hot Tamale"—and if you have a hankering for an ultra-bright hue that works for every skin tone and season, we think we've found the one for you.

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French Gradient

Take the pinks and whites of a traditional French and turn them into a gradient across all five nails with this look.

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Burnt Orange Dip

Suitable year 'round, but perfect for fall.

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Copper Shimmer

A dip powder shade with some slight shimmer will have your nails looking chic and subtle—rather than overly sparkly.

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Neutral Vibes

We always love earth tone-inspired nails—and this neutral, "sand dune" shade is our new favorite.

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Sunshine State

These nail color is sunshine in a bottle.

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Stark White

A stark white that you won't have to worry about sheerness with? Yes, please. The multiple layers of dip powder prevent those pesky "I-didn't-think-this-color-would-be-so-faint" moments.

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Pretty in Pink

Calling all girly girls: Pick varying shades of pink for a "monochrome" manicure you'll be showing off at every turn.

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Luxe Lavender

Embrace a chic pastel shade—like luxe lavender—knowing the pigmentation with a dip manicure will come out perfectly.

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Cool Cobalt

As far as we're concerned, you can't go wrong with an eye-catching electric blue.

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Purple Matte

Depending on the sealant you use, you can go for a glossy, lustrous finish, or a matte one. Here, we think the matte finish complements the purple shade and acrylic extensions perfectly.

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Glittery Gray

Alternate between a glitter powder and a solid one for a monochrome manicure that still feels fresh and exciting.

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