This Powdered Nail Polish Lasts Longer Than Gels (and It's Less Damaging, Too)


The last couple of years have certainly been contentious for the nail industry, as salons and brands alike have been scrutinized for everything from shocking working conditions to the use of hormone-altering chemicals in most formulas on the market. But even as brands have scrambled to address the latter issue by rolling out reformulated products that are free of the most controversial chemicals, truly nontoxic polishes remain few and far between.

Yet the latest controversy ironically stems from a product touted as a safer alternative. Powdered nail polish is the kind of innovation that has the potential to completely reframe the market. Created as a less damaging alternative to acrylic nails, dip powders are quick and convenient and last up to three weeks—longer than gels. Still, mani-loving beauty fans have certain reservations. Keep reading to get the details on dip powders.