I Tried It Again: Anastasia Beverly Hills' Cult-Loved Dipbrow

Updated 08/17/17
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Confession: I never do my brows. I can try to defend myself, but the truth is I’m just lazy. I like to keep my daily makeup routine under seven products—for the sake of efficiency and my acne-prone skin. I even once had Anastasia herself teach me how to groom my brows. But instead of it inspiring me to add another step to my routine, it just made me wish I had a professional on hand whenever I do my makeup.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Chocolate
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade $18

People swear by Anastasia Beverly Hills products. The Dipbrow, in particular, has over 290K likes on Sephora and is rated 4.7 stars out of 5. Comments include “I fell in love with this product!” and “By far the best brow product I’ve used ever.” I figured since it’s been two years since I last tried the Dipbrow, maybe I should just give it another shot.

Audrey Noble

Me before having my brows done.

I spoke with Jasmine Kim, a brow specialist at Anastasia Beverly Hills, who gave me the rundown (again) on how to apply it. First, Kim tells me to scrape a small pea-size amount of product with an angled brush and blend it out on my hand. There, I can also test how much pressure I want to apply on the brows. She says to press lightly for a sharp-hair stroke look and press harder for a more covered look. 

After I decided to go for the more covered look, she tells me to avoid this rookie mistake: starting at the front of the brow. She says you should always start at the middle brow and work your way to the end. "This will give a more ombré look," she says. "You almost never want the front to look darker than the end of the brow."

Audrey Noble

Me after having my brows done.

The verdict: I’m still a very big fan. My brows look full in the most natural way possible, and it wasn't a hard process. The best part is that the formula does not move. Maybe now that I’m older and wiser, I can finally get around to doing them on a regular basis. I’ll just start off slow and add this to my going-out routine—you know, baby steps.

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