Dior's Luxe New Serum Costs More Than Your Rent

We’re all for a beauty splurge here and there, but would we ever burn all of our rent money on an anti-aging serum? Well, never say never, but for now, we’ll just admire Dior’s über-luxe $1550 serum set. The trio of Dior Prestige La Cure bottles is meant to be used as a three-week treatment—week one resets skin, week two renews, and week three perfects the results—and deliver a “rebirth effect on the skin,” according to a press release from the brand.

Whether or not you should shell out astronomical amounts of money on skincare is always up for debate, but this particular serum is probably so expensive because of the process behind the main active ingredient. “Dior’s scientists extract active ingredients from the Dior Gardens’ Rose de Granville at the height of its bloom when its molecular power is three times more concentrated than any other time,” reads the press release. “In order to capture the full potential of the rose, it must be picked within one hour of full bloom. As a result, Dior Prestige La Cure can only be produced in small amounts, making it one of the most rare skincare regimens available today.” With a price tag that’s more than a Botox session, we’re wondering just how potent this stuff is because luxurious seems like an understatement.

Feast your eyes on the Dior La Cure serum, which will be available next month, below, and shop our picks for skincare products that can be Botox replacements.



Courtesy of Dior

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Dior