Exclusive: Peter Philips Used New Dior Lipsticks to Create These Works of Art

"Life, passion, love" are the three words Dior's creative and image director, Peter Philips, uses to describe the brand's new Ultra Rouge Collection's radiant, long-wear red lipsticks, which, if we're being frank, is what we'd love to be the descriptors for almost everything we use on a daily basis. To celebrate the launch of the new products (26 shades and 12 ink felt-tip liners), Philips put together a series of stunning lip artistry looks, some of which you can wow your friends with and others that aren't as wearable and just serve as striking eye candy. But in any case, we're entranced by Philips's work, which is made even more dynamic with pops of black and white to both subdue and deepen the scarlet hues. Take a look for yourself below.