How to Fade Broken Capillaries (Without Expensive Laser Treatments)

After a disastrous first facial, the aggressive extractions left me with some seriously broken capillaries on my nose. Growing up, I'd naively associated broken capillaries with age and was alarmed to see the spidery formations along the sides of my nostrils. Alas, there they were, tarnishing the complexion I had been working hard to clear.

Many other women I spoke to were vexed by this same issue, so I decided to consult some top skin experts to find out how to get rid of this annoying issue without spending a fortune on laser treatments. However, their answers were not what I was expecting.

Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, founder and director of Capital Laser & Skin Care, explains that sadly, you can’t exactly get rid of broken capillaries. “The most important thing about broken capillaries is to prevent them because once they are there, it’s hard to get rid of them,” she says. “If you are prone to broken capillaries, prevent them by not using really harsh scrubs on the skin, lay off the super-hot water to wash, and avoid steam facials, which dilate blood vessels.”

But there are also different types of broken capillaries, adds celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau: “Capillaries come in two colors: red and blue. The red-colored ones are arterial capillaries, where the blood is oxygenated and comes from the heart to the skin. These are easier to treat and prevent, as well as get rid of. The blue in color are venous capillaries going back to the heart. These oftentimes can be deeper in the skin and are harder to treat.”

So while you can’t fully eliminate them, you can do some at-home treatments to lessen their appearance. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

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