Is Your Eye Cream Working? Here's How to Find Out



As a beauty editor, I always get asked which products work best and what I would recommend for the person standing in front of me. Usually, I know the answer—I test, review, and read about a lot of products. But lately I’ve been finding myself a bit stumped in the eye-cream department. I know which textures feel good, and I’ve done all the research on helpful ingredients, but it’s difficult to know when something is actually working (especially since most offerings suggest you allow at least six to eight weeks before expecting results). 

For example, are today’s under-eye bags a result of my chronic FOMO and subsequent lack of sleep? Or is my eye cream just not doing its job correctly? Are there offerings out there that are better suited for my specific ailments (dark circles, bags, puffiness, the works)? Am I’m doing my face a disservice each time I apply what I’m currently using? I talked to my most trusted dermatologists for advice.

Keep reading for the best way to choose an eye cream that will work for you.

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