Dieux Answered Our Prayers With Their Auracle Eye Gel

A product fit for angels.

dieux eye gel


What brand of skincare would angels wear? Dieux, of course. With ten-step routines and vanities that look like product-lined alters, skincare rituals have become borderline religious, which aligns perfectly with Dieux’s heavenly aesthetic. Still, the brand prides itself on making products that rely not on miracles, but on efficacy.

In 2020, Dieux debuted its first launch, the Forever Eye Mask ($25), a set of silicone eye patches that users can pair with hydrating serums and eye creams over and over again. The masks were an instant hit, going viral on TikTok and selling out countless times. Over the next two years, customers practically begged Dieux to create an eye cream that would work in tandem with Dieux’s best-selling eye mask. Well, the Auracle Reviving Eye Gel ($44) has officially been sent from above to answer your prayers.

dieux eye gel


The Brand

Beauty veteran and Co-Founder and CEO, Charlotte Palermino; cosmetic chemist and Co-Founder and Head of Product, Joyce de Lemos; and brand builder and Co-Founder and Creative Director, Marta Freedman teamed up to create Dieux in 2020 with the idea that skincare should be price transparent, highly researched, responsibly sourced, and, obviously, products that people would actually use. The brand currently has a lineup of four products that combine simple, yet effective ingredients and stunning visuals.

The Inspiration

It should come as no surprise that the inspiration behind the Dieux Auracle Reviving Eye Gel was consumer feedback on what they love—and don't—about the eye creams currently on the market. “In selling thousands of Dieux Forever Eye Masks and getting your feedback, we’ve learned a lot about what people do and don’t want in an eye cream,” says Palermino in an Instagram post. “[Generally, people don’t want] eye creams that are super irritating, too thick and rich—which then causes milia—[and that] can be priced exorbitantly. And while manufacturers and suppliers do charge more for eye cream actives, a $300 eye cream does not make sense. We wanted something that was gentle, effective, and more accessibly priced that people would actually want to come back and has an element of intentionality with the packaging.”

dieux eye gel


The Formula

Unlike some heavier eye creams currently on the market, Auracle is a lightweight eye gel that cushions the eye area with moisturizing and plumping glycerin. This formula also contains a 1% Algae Polysaccharides Complex to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, as well as a 1% Algae Complex to smooth the eye area and support the skin’s integrity. In addition, a 3% Palmitoyl Tripeptide Complex adds a firm bounce to the eye area while helping diminish both puffiness and dark circles.

Its lightweight texture and science-backed ingredients mean that the Dieux Auracle Reviving Eye Gel will fortify your eye area, plump and smooth fine lines, diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, and hydrate the skin—all without causing milia. And if you’re a sustainable queen, you’ll be glad to know that the refillable (!!) packaging is made from 100% recycled aluminum, meaning the brand does not contribute to aluminum mining.

dieux eye gel review

Isabella Sarlija

My Review

As Palermino says in the aforementioned Instagram post, “Do you need an eye cream? No. Do you want an eye cream? Maybe.” As time went on in my career as a beauty writer, I found myself believing that I didn’t *actually* need or want an eye cream. Speaking in terms of formula, most of the time, eye creams are essentially more expensive versions of the face serums and creams I already have in my medicine cabinet. Still, I thoroughly enjoy using Dieux’s Auracle Reviving Eye Gel because it’s formulated with ingredients that specifically cater to the eye area, like brightening algae and peptides that decrease puffiness.

To apply the Dieux Auracle Reviving Eye Gel, I use a pea-sized amount spread across both undereyes and place Dieux’s Forever Eye Masks (I keep mine in the fridge) overtop for about twenty minutes to let the heavenly goodness soak in.

Did this product make it look like I just had an eye lift? No, but it neutralized my concerns enough to return my tired eyes to normal. Sure, my genetic dark circles haven’t gone away (and they won’t, since they’re genetic). Still, after using the cream twice a day for three weeks, I’m noticing a plumper appearance around my crow’s feet and a hydrated complexion that honestly makes it look like I have model skin. Plus, the holiday madness typically means that I wake up with puffiness that takes multiple tools to iron out—this eye cream, plus fresh-out-the-fridge Forever Eye Masks, was my ticket to diminishing my puffed complexion without needing to reserve more time in my routine for intense facial massages. So suffice it to say: God, the universe, founders of Dieux, whoever is up there—thanks for bestowing an eye gel that I can actually see myself using.

dieux eye gel
Dieux Auracle Reviving Eye Gel $44.00

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