I Got a Diet and Workout Plan Overhaul From Hollywood's Go-To Pros

Working with the professionals responsible for getting Hollywood’s A-listers in tip-top shape is pretty much the health and fitness dream—but it can be intimidating. As a “real girl,” I’m not in the business of comparing myself to celebs, for whom looking great is part of the job description. Nevertheless, the curiosity is there, which is why on team Byrdie, we regularly volunteer ourselves to test-drive the workouts and diets of our favorite celebrities (why yes, we’d love to eat like Bella Hadid for a week). Interesting? Yes. Effective in the long run? Probably not. Each body is different, so what works for Jennifer Lawrence may not be the winning formula your body needs. So when professional trainer Mike Alexander and holistic nutritionist and health coach Kelly LeVeque teamed up for FFB Fit Club in partnership with Soho House West Hollywood, I jumped at the chance to have the duo revamp my current health and fitness plan.

Scroll through to find out how I fared!