Nutritionists Agree: These 7 Common Habits Are Sabotaging Your Diet

I think it's fair to state that the average American woman has a pretty rocky relationship with dieting. And who can blame her? With so many dieting products, systems, and findings telling her what to eat and avoid to stay healthy and slim, it's hard not to get a little neurotic about it.

Even some of the fittest women we know still stress about their eating habits. But according to Andrew Johnston, holistic nutrition guru and author of Spot On: Nutrition ($10), the only true mistake when it comes to dieting is dieting in the first place. That is to say, our bodies simply aren't meant to go through the restrictions we so often put them through. "One needs to ensure that caloric (and nutritional) intake is sufficient to convince our biochemistry that another Ice Age isn't coming!" he says. 

The following seven diet habits are restrictive, unnatural, and unhealthy, but even so, plenty of healthy women still think they are good for you. According to Johnston, as well as two other nutrition experts, nutrition doesn't have to be so complicated. Read on to find out seven of the most common diet mistakes (and what you can do to fix them)!