7 Diet Habits to Establish Before Age 30



If we didn't already feel like full-fledged adults in our 20s, the big 3-0 certainly brings the weight of adulthood into focus. While our 20s are a time for figuring out who we are and who we want to be, our 30s are when we cultivate our best selves—moving forward with the lessons learned and habits instilled from the time prior. In addition to (at least) feeling wiser and more seasoned at life, we experience changes in our bodies as we grow out of our 20s and into our thirties, and the diet habits we formed before these changes hit can greatly affect our health and how we age.

"In your late 20s, people start to see their metabolic rate decline for the first time," says Candice Seti, PsyD, CPT, CNN of The Weight Loss Therapist. "That's because you are no longer growing and building bones, and your production of human growth hormone starts to decline." In turn, once you turn 30, you can't necessarily eat the way you used to without seeing an impact on your body. As our metabolisms slow down, "fat storage speeds up," says Amy Lee, MD, a chief medical officer and a manager of wellness blog Nucific. "We have to start watching what we eat more." Seti and Lee shared their top suggested diet habits to establish before age 30.

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