Bold-Perfume Lovers, Diana Vreeland's Outrageous New Trio Is for You


Courtesy of Diana Vreeland 

Forget clean scents and eau de parfum because the new Diana Vreeland Parfums collection is for the bold. Simply Divine, Outrageously Vibrant, and Daringly Different are the three new fragrances that compose the Outrageous Collection, launching this summer. Created in honor of legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland by grandson Alexander Vreeland, the line currently has nine EDPs, and these three new, powerful formulas are giving the range some edge. Tongue-twisting names aside, the luxe scents contain 25% fragrance oil as opposed to the standard 15% to 18% found in an eau de parfum, making the range a parfum absolue trifecta.

The perfumers who crafted the new range drew inspiration from the fashion icon's fearless nature to add opulent, long-lasting notes to the existing versions from the original collection. Outrageous Simply Divine is an amped-up version of its original counterpart, with intensified tuberose, orange flower, woody notes, and florals. Patchouli, cassis, and floral notes in the Outrageous Outrageously Vibrant parfum absolue make for an avant-garde scent that's totally opulent. Outrageous Daringly Different (try saying that three times) is a timeless oud, rich in iris, woody, leather, and smoky aromas that will heighten the senses.

With a price of $350 for a 50-milliliter bottle, almost double the price of the same-sized bottle in the main line, we wonder if an equally fragrant addition to the lavish candle range is on the horizon. After all, Diana was known for loving herself a Rigaud candle just as much as a potent oud.

Shop the current Diana Vreeland Parfums collection, available now, and check out the Outrageous collection when it launches on July 1.