Diamond Lips Are the Prettiest Makeup Trend on TikTok

No gemstones required.

Diamond Lips trend


Glittery makeup has long been reserved solely for special occasions—think romantic anniversary dinners, college formals, weddings, or New Years Eve parties. Sure, products that make you sparkle as much as a disco ball may be a bit over-the-top for, say, a day at the office or a low-key first date with a Hinge match. But the “diamond lips” trend—a TikTok-approved makeup method that’s incredibly easy to replicate—proves that your shimmery shadows, pencils, and glosses deserve a spot in your daily makeup routine. 

Ahead, everything you need to know about the glittery trend.

What Are Diamond Lips?

Thankfully, you don’t need to glue any painful-to-remove plastic crystals on your pout to pull off the “diamond lips” trend. Started by TikTok creator Eva Larosa, the diamond lips technique gives you lips as shimmery as the gemstone, but it’s still subtle enough for everyday wear. And you likely already have the products required for the method stashed in your makeup bag. To achieve the look, you’ll layer a few unconventional lip products, including a metallic eye pencil and illuminating eye shadow, with a neutral lip liner and nourishing clear gloss. 

Except for the metallic, Y2K-themed chrome lip trend that peaked in January, understated lip looks have made waves on TikTok over the last six months or so. Last September, the “cherub lips” hack went viral for its ability to give you a plump, doll-like mouth. And soon after, the just-been-kissed “movie lips” craze kicked off. 

The up-and-coming diamond lips technique draws on the best features of all these popular trends—the glitter of the chrome lips, the pout (though to a lesser extent) of the cherub lips, and the “no-makeup makeup” effect of the movie lips. As Hannah Montana would say, you’re getting the best of both worlds with this sparkly technique. 

How to Get Diamond Lips

With just four easy steps, the diamond lips technique is simple enough even for makeup newbies to pull off like a pro. In a video breaking down the process, Larosa first picks up the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in shade C’est La Vie! ($3), a pearly silver, and draws a thin line along her cupid's bow. Then, she fills in the center of her lower lip. Don’t worry about being precise—Larosa smudges the liner on the bottom lip with her fingertip next.

Once blended, Larosa lines her upper and lower lips—save for the cupid’s bow—with Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Lip Liner ($25), then tops off her entire pout with Revolution Skincare’s SPF 30 Lip Balm ($8). Finally, the creator dabs a shimmery white eyeshadow from Revolution’s I Heart Chocolate S’mores Eyeshadow Palette ($11) on top of the gloss, concentrating the product in the center of the lips. The result: an eye-catching lip look that’s fit for both a night out and chill meet-ups with your friends. 

While Larosa’s product line up creates a stunning lip, you can replicate it with similar items you already have on hand. For instance, you can swap the Charlotte Tilbury liner with a drugstore version. To speed up the routine, skip the pencil and shadow and smooth on a layer of ultra-shimmering gloss or lipstick like Isaymaya's Lucky Kiss ($50) instead. And if you don’t want to invest silvery metallic products you’ll rarely use, test out the trend with the pink or bronze pencils and shadows you already own. Using shimmery colors that match the shade of your own pout may give you a more neutral look, but you’ll still shine bright like a diamond.

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