4 Foolproof Steps to Fresh, Dewy Skin (and Who Wouldn't Want That?)

If you aren’t one of the lucky few born with freakishly perfect skin, we have three words for you: Join. The. Club. And even if you do have great skin, everyone can benefit from a little extra radiance. That’s because certain lifestyle habits—like happy hour with friends or late nights at the office—can sap the glow out of even the most diehard skincare devotees.

The bright side: It’s not as though you’re stuck with dull, dry skin forever. (Or on the flip side, forced to adopt the lifestyle of a monk.) With a few strategic makeup tricks, you can have glowing skin and that second glass of rosé, too. We teamed up with Estée Lauder to share the best formulas and smartest application tips to renew and restore your complexion.

Learn exactly how to bring your skin back to life—and restore its dewy radiance—with these easy steps.