I Know I'm Late to the Party, but I'm Finally a Dewy Skin Convert


Hallie Gould

While everyone made the switch to dewy face makeup and wet-look highlighters, I stayed loyal to my mattes. "I don't want to look shiny," I'd say. I'd pile on and blend out thick, creamy foundation and take forever to get my concealer right. "I have terrible dark circles," I'd argue, "I need a lot of coverage." Only, I didn't. And I only began getting compliments on my skin after I gave all that up.

Applying makeup became a time-consuming struggle for me. It's not that I didn't love makeup (or use great products), but the layers of matte foundation, powders, and concealers felt like a chore. I either wore no makeup at all or worried about cracks and creases all day. My aha moment came a few months ago when I applied a full face of makeup in the bathroom at work. I had an event to go to and I wanted to look particularly good. I took one look at my finished work—creases around my eyes, a flat, dull finish on my skin—and knew I needed a change. Immediately, I washed my makeup off and started fresh.

Below, get to know the five products I applied and why they've become my new go-tos for dewy, glowy skin.