Dewdrop Nails Are the Coolest 3D Mani Trend of Year—Here Are Some of Our Faves

Close up of a velvet manicure with dewdrop details

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Every new day is an opportunity for a nail art trend to emerge—and if you've been on Instagram or TikTok lately, then you're likely well aware of the dewdrop mani boom.

Also known as blobcore nails, this manicure trend is characterized by 3D nail art accents reminiscent of Flubber. Sometimes the blobs are clear for a truly dewy effect; Other times, the drops showcase jelly, chrome, or neon finishes.

If you're looking to get in on this latest nail art craze, there are many ways to do so. To get you started, ahead you'll find a selection of dewdrop nail ideas that stopped us in our tracks. Here's hoping you find your next mani below.

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Clear Dewdrop Nails

A manicure featuring clear dew drop nails


By using clear builder gel, nail artist Rebecca Ramsdale was able to create a glassy dewdrop mani that perfectly encapsulates the name of this trend. While she didn't reveal the exact products she used for this set, you could create a similar look using the Orly Crystal Clear Builder in a Bottle ($40), which is UV- and LED-curable.

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Neon Chrome Blobcore Nails

Neon chrome blobcore nails wrapped around a Kosas bottle


Chrome nails, neon nails, and Barbiecore pink nails are all trending in 2023—and this mani by celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce hits all three, making for an especially head-turning set.

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Stiletto Dewdrop Nails

A colorful stiletto manicure with dewdrop accents


Dewdrop nails come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. This bright mani utilizes less-plump blobs that still provide a unique 3D accent. Nail artist Angel My Linh used the Nail Order Long Stiletto Tinted Tips to create the look.

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Pastel Aura Dewdrop Nails

A pastel aura manicure with dewdrop accents


This manicure evokes the aura and mermaidcore trends, making it an especially beautiful choice for 2023. While Ramsdale didn't share her process for these nails, you could create a similar look by starting with a multicolor base dusted in chrome powder for a glazed finish. Top it off with clear builder gel swirls, cure, et voila.

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Wet Dewdrop Nails

A neutral manicure with pink dewdrops


We can't get over how wet these dewdrop nails look—as if some kind of pink juice literally spilled all over her picture-perfect neutral matte square mani. Cool, no?

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Neon Jelly Dewdrop Nails

A neon jelly manicure with pink and yellow dewdrops


Jelly nails and dewdrop nails all in one head-turning neon mani? We're sold.

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Mercury Dewdrop Nails

A chrome manicure with clover-shaped blobs


How wild are these chrome dewdrop nails by nail artist Natalie Pavloski? The plump, clover-shaped dollops remind us of drops of Mercury.

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Tangerine Dewdrop Nails

A tangerine manicure with pretty clear dewdrops


ICYMI: Tangerine and papaya orange are among the hottest shades of summer 2023. Needless to say, this vibrant orange dewdrop mani immediately made our eyes go wide.

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Frozen Dewdrop Nails

A blue and clear, icy dewdrop manicure


If Queen Elsa had her nails done, we bet she'd ask for this icy dewdrop mani.

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Reverse Ombré Blobcore Nails

A reverse ombre blobcore manicure


We can't stop staring at these reverse ombré blobcore nails. The best part? The nail artist behind them, Lili, shared the full process in a video, which you can watch here.

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Wedding Dewdrop Nails

A neutral manicure with clear dewdrop blobs


These pearlescent blobcore nails remind us of Sofia Richie's stunning dewdrop veil at her wedding. If you're searching for a 3D, wedding-appropriate nail look, this is it.

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