10 Devilish Halloween Makeup Looks Even Beginners Can Pull Off

Updated 09/11/18

No idea what to be for the half-blessing half-curse that is Halloween? Coming up with a cute, easy-to-execute costume takes a certain amount of mental bandwidth (and dough) that we're not always willing to spare, which is why we so often rely on classic costume ideas, like the tried-and-true devil. All it takes is a little makeup, some horns, a red shirt, and you're good to go. But easy Halloween makeup doesn't have to be lame, and these highly Instagrammable devil makeup looks prove it. 

We poked around the internet to find examples of how to do devil makeup for Halloween in a way that's creative and compliment-worthy but not actually that hard. Keep scrolling to get all the devilish inspo you need this Halloween season. 

One-Eyed Devil

All you need for this creative little devil eye makeup is some red shadow ($5) and red eyeliner ($26). So simple yet so impressive. Your IG followers will be shook. 

Vampire Devil

This look is sort of a vampire-devil hybrid, but if red isn't really your color, it'll do the trick. Top the look off with some black devil horns ($8), and we promise, everyone will get it. 

Instagram Devil

This cut-crease devil makeup is prettier than it is scary but still perfect for Halloween. Not up on your cut-crease skills? This tutorial should help you out. 

Space-Bun Devil

How scarily cute are these little devil buns? (Or cutely scary?) Use some heavy gray-toned contour and under-eye circles, tons of lashes, and fake blood complete the look. 

Satanic Demon

This terrifying goth look is more like the Cady from Mean Girls version of devil makeup than the Regina or Karen versions. If you want to genuinely alarm your fellow Halloween party attendees, all you need is a bunch of black eyeliner—go buck wild. 

Seductive Devil

Add some whimsy to your devil makeup by using eyeliner to snake a forked tail through one of your brows. (The devil is in the details, right? Hehe.) A red smoky eye with bold winged liner and a metallic liquid lip ($21) complete the whole effect. 

Bloody-Horned Devil

This look is less about the makeup and more about those bleeding horns. Damn, that's frightening. You'll definitely need some fake blood ($6) and spirit gum ($13) for this one.

Contoured Devil

This video offers two devil makeup tutorials, but we're partial to the red contoured one with silver accents, which is mad innovative but not actually that hard to execute. 

Sparkly, Crying Devil

These glittery bleeding eyes are beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Some theatrical liquid glitter makeup, like Ben Nye's ($10), will give you the best result here.

10-Minute Devil

And when all else fails, keep things ultra simple with a fire-engine-red smoky eye and matching bright-red lip. Slap on a red silk top (this Free People one should do the trick) and devil horns, and you can consider yourself ready to trick-or-treat. 

Want more easy Halloween makeup ideas? Here are five pretty looks that only require eyeliner.

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