10 Devilish Halloween Makeup Looks Even Beginners Can Pull Off

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No idea what to be for the half-blessing, half-curse that is Halloween? Coming up with a cute, easy-to-execute costume takes a certain amount of mental bandwidth (and dough) that we're not always willing to spare, which is why we so often rely on classic costume ideas, like the tried-and-true devil. All it takes is a little makeup, some horns, a red shirt, and you're good to go. But easy Halloween makeup doesn't have to be lame, and these highly Instagrammable devil makeup looks prove it. 

We poked around the internet to find examples of how to do devil makeup for Halloween in a way that's creative and compliment-worthy but not actually that hard. From colorful examples to classic creations, devil inspired makeup has never looked so chic . Keep scrolling to get all the devilish inspiration you need this Halloween season. 

Red Devil

Tiny red studs lined along a red cut crease make for a more glamorized devil vs. the gory examples you may have seen while scouring Instagram.

Be-Witched Devil

This glittery and dimensional devil makeup is prettier than it is scary but still perfect for Halloween. Tarte Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner helped create the dots around the eyes, and Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Lipstick in "Witches" gives the perfect black matte lip.

Angel Meets Devil

Can't decide whether to be devilish or angelic? Go for both. Two-sided makeup looks like this are a fun way to show off your makeup skills. Jazz up your ethereal side with pale white shadows, jewels, and a halo. For the vampy side, create a halo effect with your eyeshadow using blacks and reds. To ensure the colors pop, use a pigment-boosting eyeshadow base like MAC's Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($25).

Sparkling Devil

Add some sparkle to your devil makeup by using red and holographic glitter as the finishing touch to a cut crease. The contrast between the matte red lips and glitter eye is purely (evil) genius. For the glitter, try NYX Face and Body Glitter in "Ruby".

Glossy Devil

A clever take on devil makeup that plays with different eyeshadow textures is this glossy but oh-so-easy look. To achieve, simply blend a red eyeshadow on your eyelids and through your crease. Then, place a small amount of clear lip gloss onto the back of your hand, and using a dense eyeshadow brush, dab a bit of the gloss onto the center of your lid.

Frightful Devil

Equipped with horns and all, this devil look will haunt anyone in it's path. You'll definitely need some prosthetic devil horns and spirit gum to re-create this look for maximum effect.

Vampy Devil

A subtle red cat eye and vampy lip makes us think that this look is perfect for any vampy princess.

Pop in some red contacts to give your devilish Halloween makeup an extra boost.

10-Minute Devil

And when all else fails, keep things ultra simple with a red cut crease and red glitter eyeliner.

Want more easy Halloween makeup ideas? Here are five pretty looks that only require eyeliner.

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