This New Campaign Encourages Women to Embrace the Beauty of Natural Hair

Updated 03/23/18
Product Disclosure

Recently, I wrote about how triggering beauty marketing terms like "tame," "control frizz," and "fight flyaways" are blatantly insensitive and discriminatory toward those with naturally curly hair. I, along with every other human blessed with naturally curly hair, should not be taught to convert our curls because beauty brands say so. This is why it's so incredibly refreshing to see hair brands like DevaCurl working to shift the narrative.

Along with the launch of its new product, Wash Day Wonder ($28), which is a hardworking detangler made to aid your hair on that beloved day when you usually spend hours combing through your curls, DevaCurl released an inspiring campaign video sharing the stories of women who have learned to own their curls overtime.

Here are a few lines from the campaign that struck a deep chord:

“There’s so many standards of beauty on how women of color are supposed to look.”

“My mom has blue eyes and blonde hair growing up. As a little girl, I so desperately wanted to have my mother’s hair.”

“I really didn’t ever know what my actual hair texture was.”

“Embracing my natural hair has really allowed me to own my identity and own my self-confidence.”

“My curls that come from my body [are] not a disadvantage. It’s my natural beauty.”

Thanks to forward-thinking brands like DevaCurl that prioritize inclusivity and diversity when it comes to celebrating all hair textures, the industry has come a long way. Progress has been made, but we cannot stop here. Let’s continue to change the curl conversation and empower everyone to own their curls.

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