Ever Heard Of A Deva Cut? Curly-Haired Girls, This Is For YOU!

Interesting fact: more than sixty per cent of women have some kind of curl or wave to their hair, yet less than half of those ladies know how to properly care for their coiled strands. So many spend hours upon hours and dollar after dollar straightening them, braiding them, and taming them. But Devachan Salon is encouraging those of us with natural curls to embrace and show them off as much as possible. Their suggestion? The Deva Cut.
Click through to find out the five things you need to know about the curl-changing technique and whether or not you need it.

The Creator
Curly Girl author and Devachan co-founder, Lorraine Massey, is the brain behind the Deva Cut. With a head full of curls, she knows firsthand about the special TLC that curly hair needs.


The Method
Most hair cutting techniques were created for straight hair, whereas the Deva Cut method was developed specifically for curly hair, making it rather revolutionary. It’s fully customized, as it’s tailored to your unique curl pattern, and it requires a very special set of skills to gain the certification that allows a stylist to execute it. Hair is cut dry (since that is how our hair is worn) and each curl is cut individually, so as not to interrupt your natural pattern or miscalculate your curls’ spring pattern. This way, each client’s hair is shaped according to their individual curls or waves.

How to Prepare For Your Cut
Since your hair is cut dry, you’ll need to get it ready beforehand. You should make sure your curls and waves are detangled by washing your hair the morning of your appointment. You can style your hair normally so as to showcase its definition. For women with natural hair, you should opt for a “wash and go”, so your stylist can determine your curls’ amount of shrinkage.

Paris Cherie

Things Not To Do Before Getting a Deva Cut
It’s all about how your curls naturally fall with a Deva Cut, so you should not have your hair in braids, clips, a ponytail, or a chignon when arriving at the salon.

The Specifics
A Deva Cut will range from $85 to $200, so be prepared to pay somewhere within this price range.
Read to book an appointment? The Curly Stylist Finder only includes stylists who have been trained in the Deva Cut technique. Find your curly stylist here.
Will you be trying a Deva Cut? Have you already tried out the technique? Sound off below!

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