Truth: These Are the Best Detangling Brushes We've Ever Used

We really don't ask all that much from our hair brushes. Yes, they should take on tangles like a warrior going into battle, be strategically shaped to fit comfortably in our hand, oh, and if they're aesthetically designed to look great on top of our vanities, well, that's just the cherry on top.

Okay, so maybe we do ask a lot from our detangling hair brushes. After all, we do entrust them with our precious strands and though we'd like to say we never brush our hair when it's wet and outfitted with snarls rivaling the likes of Toddlers in Tiaras, we most definitely do. Hey, we're only human.

So we tend to take our detangling brushes seriously, turning a blind eye to anything unable to deliver a slow-mo-esque moment like the opening credits in Legally Blonde. Curious to see which detangling brushes you can always find stashed in our bags, desk, and vanity drawers? Keep reading for our top seven picks.