We Chose 17 Essential Products From Dermstore's Friends and Family Sale

Okay, here's the truth of it: From January to April (give or take a month or two), we're usually in a bit of a funk. The adrenaline rush of the holidays has officially capsized (unless you're one of those people who is super into Valentine's Day), and it seems like eons until that gleaming light at the end of the tunnel: Memorial Day. (When the allure of summer Fridays, cookouts, and pool time glistens irresistibly ahead.)

So, in the eyes of beauty junkies everywhere (we're obviously self-admitted), sales have a very special place in our hearts and play a key role in carrying us through the doldrums of winter in one clear-complected and well-coiffed piece. And as it so happens, one of our all-time favorite sales (Dermstore's semi-annual Friends & Family Sale) starts today. Even better? It's lasting for a full nine days, commencing on February 13 and concluding on the 21. Neat, right? And honestly, it couldn't come at a better time, considering that we're just now running low on the hearty product stock we greedily assembled pre-holidays. Praise Be.

So because there are products to be had, shopping to be done, credit scores to derail (jk this is a sale after all!) here are the must-know dirty details: From today (February 13 in case you're still pre-coffee) through February 21, use code FRIEND at Dermstore.com to save up to 20% off on participating brands.

And because this isn't one of those annoying situations where a store boasts a sale only to exclude the labels you actually care about (no, no, the gang is all here for this one and we're salivating in anticipation), we thought we'd play personal shopper and roundup every product we'd add to our shopping carts. And sorry, not sorry, we couldn't keep it to less than 17. Ahead is a comprehensive list of team Byrdie's holy-grail products currently being offered during Dermstore's 2018 Friends and Family sale. Let the games begin.