The Routine That Cleared This Dermatologist's Skin


The Lovecats Inc.

Confession time: It's incredibly tempting to want to check out the beauty stash of other girls when you're in their bathrooms. Their shower supplies, skincare, hair tools—it's so fun to see what other people use, especially if they have an enviable complexion and/or mane and you want to know their secrets. But it's like the old medicine-cabinet conundrum—you want to peek so badly, but you know you shouldn't. 

Thankfully, Into the Gloss's Top Shelf series satiates our curiosity: Celebrities, tastemakers, artists, and influencers share their entire routines, from skincare, to makeup, to hair, diving into every last detail and sharing some secrets along the way.

The series's most recent feature particularly piqued our interest, not because she's a big-time celebrity but because she's a dermatology resident. When our docs give us advice, we listen intently because they know the science behind why something works, why what we're doing isn't working, and how we can improve our current routines, no gimmicks or sales pitches involved. 

Elyse Love, an NYC-based dermatology resident and creator of the lifestyle blog Love and the Sky, told the site her everyday routine that helped dramatically clear up her skin. Throughout high school, Love suffered from severe cystic acne, but after seeing a dermatologist herself, she found the holy grail routine.

"Sunscreen and tretinoin are my bible now. I've had more occasional pimples since moving to New York, so I'm also trying to use noncomedogenic products. In the mornings I apply La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Daily Antioxidant Serum and Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer—which are two of my favorite beauty products. They're both very light and very effective. In the evenings, I always apply tretinoin 0.5% gel. I am a big fan of at-home facials. My tried-and-true routine is AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel followed by the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, plus or minus a sheet mask," Love explains.

Shop her routine below!

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