Here's What Happened When I Had a Dermatologist Rate My Skincare Routine

I’m a bit of a Veruca Salt when it comes to skincare. I wouldn’t consider myself to be as greedy or stingy, but I’ve definitely uttered “I want the works—I want the whole works” in response to a new product launch. With all of the different products that come across my desk, I feel compelled (and am oftentimes required) to try each and every one of them.

As such, my skincare routine has turned into something that causes me to occupy the bathroom for far too long. I’ve also covered at least 75% of my bathroom vanity with all of my products. (It’s here where I formally apologize to my boyfriend for both offenses.) My daily routine goes a little something like this: gel cleanser, toner, treatment serum, facial oil, SPF, moisturizer, and a little bit of topical acne cream if I have any breakouts. Some days I’ll also throw in a contouring cream, sheet mask, or charcoal mask if I feel like my skin needs a little extra love. With the amount of different products I insist upon using, it’s a miracle I haven’t fallen down a chute or been chased by Oompa Loompas.

One other thing to add: I tend to only use prestige products. This isn’t because I’m a pinky-out kind of girl (I practically only used drugstore brands until I entered the beauty biz) but because they’re so readily available now. I figured that the efficacy of my products was in direct correlation with their steep price tags, and hoped that my occasional extra steps of masks, oils, and the like would give me skin like a Victoria’s Secret model. But much to my utter dismay, my skin was still dry, broken out, and lackluster. Are pricier products actually worth the money? Are all of the extra-important steps I’m told to do day in and day out just a farce? I decided to visit a dermatologist and have her give it to me straight.

What grade would you give your own skincare routine? Sound off below!