Dermalogica's New Face Oil Is a Total Game Changer



Dermalogica wants us to have glowy, gorgeous skin through the fall and winter with its new Phyto Replenish Oil. It won’t be available until September 1, but we’re already hooked after a sneak peek at this feather-light oil. Oils have been trending in the skincare space for some time—and have recently crossed over to cosmetics, with tinted oils trying to be the new generation of foundation—so this new, incredibly lightweight option is totally welcomed, especially with summer coming to an end.

The latest addition to Dermalogica’s innovative product line locks in hydration and helps restore the skin’s protective barrier while giving it a gorgeous, natural glow. Camellia japonica works alongside tamanu and chia seed oils to provide the antioxidant benefits that protect and strengthen, while orchid flower extract and hyaluronic acid boost hydration and lock in moisture. This plant-based oil seamlessly absorbs into the skin (no greasy feeling here), and all it takes is four to six drops to get the impressive results. 

Plus, its potential feels endless. You can layer the oil under sunscreen in the morning or pair it with a moisturizer at night; we’ve even mixed it with foundation and worn it alone to achieve a soft, dewy finish. Either way, you can’t go wrong. In fact, when we felt a little fancy on one occasion, we gave the brand’s recommended spa-like application a try, and it’s pretty amazing for helping the product sink into the skin even more seamlessly. We’ll be reaching for this as our secret weapon all fall and winter long for all of our skincare needs.

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